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DF65 / DF95

We have the DF65 which is a great introduction to the sport of radio sailing and the DF95 which is the next step up the ladder in your radio sailing career.

The DF concept was initially conceived in 2011 by John Tushingham and Mike Weston who had a desire to produce an affordable radio sailing yacht which sailed well, had all the tuning aids that a larger radio yacht had and that was available off the shelf so that fleets could grow quickly.

The concept came to fruition in 2013 with the DF65, based on the Ice RG65 by Mark Dicks. Produced by Joysway Hobby Co in China, the DF65 was an instant hit and to date (early 2019) there are over 45,000 boats out there sailing and racing. Whilst the DF65 was finding its feet John Tushingham was approached again by Joysway to produce a large radio yacht.

The DF95 is now well established in Australia and the quality of build, layout and componentry is a step above that of the DF65 and it will ensure that the DF95 is a roaring success in the radio sailing world.

Both Classes are controlled by International Restricted Class Rules – essentially a one design yacht with very limited ability for modifications. 4 rig options are allowed to suit different weather conditions around the world.

They are administered by the Australian DF Radio Sailing Association Inc, who issue hull and sail numbers. There is an equal focus on social and competitive racing so all skill levels can enjoy the fun of the sport and mix with old and new friends.